The Psalm Praise Project, Volume 1

The Psalm Praise Project, Volume 1

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Derek used to find the Psalms uptight and boring.  Then he actually studied them! 

This is the first of two CDs that came to be after completing a one-year, song-a-week marathon called the Psalm Praise Project. 10 songs, all inspired by the Psalms.  Ancient wisdom, just as relevant today as ever!

You get...

"Blessed Is He (Psalm 1)" - Following God's ways leads to growth and success!

"This Is Your House (Psalm 26)" - Draw strength when we come together as a family!

"The Lord's My Shepherd (Psalm 23)" - God brings comfort, and Derek brings a small orchestra to sing to you about it!

"How Long, O Lord (Psalm 14)" - Even when it hurts, we can trust that God will come through.  And He does!

"Wonderful (Psalm 19)" - Irony is using Synth Pop to glorify the majesty of God's creation!  But you won't mind!  ;-)

These and many more are yours!  Sample and buy today!