The Psalm Praise Project, Vol. 2 - digital download

The Psalm Praise Project, Vol. 2 - digital download

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It's not really a followup if it was the plan to make it, right?

Derek's year-long, song-a-week marathon yielded 51 songs, and this is the second collection of the best of those 51. That's Derek's story and he's sticking to it!

This is also the latest! 

But who wants to carry around a heavy, bulky CD?  Those things are enormous, and heavy, too!  Think of gas mileage you'll save by having this digital version!  (Sarcasm alert!)  

Seriously, if this is on your phone, then it's always with you.  So, when you need to chill out on the commute or calm down after a challenging encounter at work or school, here you go!

You get nine songs, powered by the Psalms, God's original song book of worship!

"Taste and See (Psalm 34)" - A tongue-in-cheek, modern look at why we need to sample God's goodness, in contrast to our insane pace that still manages to leave us unsatisfied.

"I Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills (Psalm 121)" - Derek goes for a tribal vibe with a cappella vocals (redundant!) and percussion (then it's not a cappella!), and a guest appearance by Christian rapper, Lee G!  You have to check this one out!

"Create in Me (Psalm 51)" - Derek did not marry Sheri just for her awesome clarinet playing.  But, it helps!  Especially on this song.  A performance glowing with marital bliss in a song about...confessing our faults!  Hmm, what can we learn from this?

"The Voice of the Lord (Psalm 29)" - One reviewer described this track as "trippy."  I prefer to think of it as "far out, man."  You might want to grab your headphones for this one, and fire up your black light for this one!

Still reading?  Good!  You deserve a reward.  Due to a printing error, two tracks on this CD got their titles reversed.  In other words, the titles don't match the tracks, they match each other.  So, buy this CD (we will need to see proof of purchase) and email us which are the two reversed tracks and we'll send you a promo code for future purchases!  No kidding!