The Mirror (full album) - digital download

The Mirror (full album) - digital download

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Derek's second CD explores the realities that come when asking God to show you life as He sees it.  Suddenly the mirror shows us that we are not all we thought we were, and that we need a God who knows everything about us and loves us anyway!  In this album you get...

"Today," where we set our attitudes on gratitude for the small blessings that fill our lives...especially when we notice them!

"Take Me Home," a song that admits how small our efforts are next to the greatness of all all-powerful and all-loving God!

"Reflection on a Rainy Afternoon," which reflects on Jesus' sacrifice and what He endured to show us God's love

"A Simple Faith." God's with us, and that's enough, no matter what.

"Let Me Walk With You," where Derek declares the "dog eat dog world" is simply not good enough!  We are made to love and to serve.

"Father, Lead Me On," a song reminding us not to take the little things for granted.  We can even screw those up!

"Hello, My Little Friend," written for a first-born baby.  Pass the tissues!

"Where You Were Meant To Be." We touch so many lives, directly and second hand, third hand, etc.  We need to leave behind "ripples" that carry God's love.

"Exceedingly, Abundantly." God has soooooo much more in mind for us than even we can fathom.

"Make Me Your Instrument," explored the balance of personal healing with serving others.  It's yes/and, not either/or.

"Sanctify My Heart." Reggae?  Yes!  A pastor taking an electric guitar solo?  Yes again!