How Do I Explain? - digital download

How Do I Explain? - digital download

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This CD was a huge gamble.  Shortly after sensing the call to fulltime music ministry, and quitting a successful teaching career, Derek and Sheri decided that shelling out a big pile of money to record more music was the thing to do. 

It was! 

This 10-song studio release from Derek chronicles many lessons learned along life's journey with God, and spans many styles in doing so!  "Run to You" is synth pop.  "I Want to Be Near You" and "Worthless" bring the 80s power ballad to mind. "So Much More" and "Thank You" are a little folkish.  One reviewer described "Come, Lord Jesus, Come" as Funkmaster 3000.  We don't know what that means.

This CD includes drums from CBS Late Show's "jazz cowboy," Joe Saylor, bass from Berklee grad and entrepreneur, John Hargrave, and more music from decorated guitarist, Craig Kelly, virtuoso cellist, Brenda Johnson, and more!